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LASEK is nothing more than a variation of PRK. Good candidates for this procedure are those individuals with corneas that are too thin or too flat for LASIK. This procedure reduces the potential for complications when the flap created during LASIK is not the correct thickness or size. During this procedure the epithelium is cut with a very fine blade called a trephine.

Then the eye is covered with an alcohol solution for about half a minute. This alcohol solution loosens the edges of the epithelium. Following the sponging of this solution from the eye a tiny hoe is used to lift up the edge of the flap and fold it back out of the way. The excimer laser is then used to remove and reshape the inner tissue of the cornea. The flap is then laid back down. It takes the flap edge a day to heal, even though patients wear a bandage contact lens for about three to four days. Recovery to good vision takes up to seven days.

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