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Frequently asked questions about LASIK

Is the Procedure Painful?

The surgery itself is pain free! You may have a scratchy, sandy feeling, or it may feel like a dirty contact lens is in the eye for a day or two following surgery.

How Quickly Can I Return to Work?

On the day of your procedure, we recommend that you sleep for about four hours following your procedure. Most patients are able to return to work between one to three days following their procedure.

Are There Any Restrictions After the Procedure?

The eye must be protected from injury and infection; for example, swimming and contact sports are best avoided for a few weeks.

What if I am a Contact Lens Wearer?

All contact lenses somewhat alter the curvature of the cornea. Contact lenses must be removed prior to your initial consultation as well as before your procedure, allowing your cornea to return to its natural state. The type of lenses that you wear will determine the amount of time needed. This will be discussed with you when you book your consultation.

What Follow Up Care is Provided After My Procedure?

Your eyes will be examined the next day after your procedure by your TLN doctor. Initially, you will be seen after the first and second weeks following your procedure. After that, you will be seen at one- month, three-month, six-month and twelve-month periods. Most patients’ vision is considered stable by the time of their six-month visit. Beyond this, visits are scheduled as deemed necessary by your TLN doctor. It is extremely important that you return to your TLN doctor for your annual checkup to assure that, through our continuing technological advances, you continue with good eye health.

Can I Have Both Eyes Treated on the Same Day?

Most patients choose to have both eyes done on the same day. However, patients do have the option of having only one eye treated at a time.

Is My Night Vision Going to be Affected?

In the initial 3-6 month period following your procedure it is normal to have some night glare due to the healing process. This is temporary.

How Do I Get the Best Doctor?

We encourage you to compare us to others in the industry. TLN’s surgeon has performed thousands of LASIK procedures with great results.

What Type of Glasses Might I Need After the Procedure?

Glasses for distance should not be required. Prior to your procedure, your TLN doctor will discuss the potential need for reading glasses. After your procedure, glasses should only be necessary for reading if you are beyond age 40.

Does Insurance Cover Laser Vision Correction?

Most insurance companies consider this procedure elective. However, we encourage you to verify coverage with your individual carrier.

Is All-Laser Lasik necessary for every patient?

Although the laser cutting of the corneal flap has phenomenal results, success with both our surgical micro-keratome and our DaVinci Laser is outstanding!  There are certain corneal thicknesses and conditions that would make the laser cutting of the flap extremely vauable.  Our doctors can evaluate your measurements and the health of your eye to help to match the procedure that would benefit your individual case.  This will lead to the best LASIK outcome for your vision!

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